The Survivors by Jane Harper – Review

I want to talk about the brand new Jane Harper book, the survivors, and I loved this book!

I love jane harper, and I highly recommend all of her books. They’re lovely, and this one was no exception. Sometimes when an author comes out with a new book, you’re afraid that it won’t live up to the other books. It’s nerve-wracking sometimes to read them and be like, oh, I wouldn’t say I liked this one as much. But this actually might be my favorite jane harper so far.

This book is probably considered a thriller, but I would think it is more of a quiet thriller like thriller elements. Still, many of it is just talking about relationships and how people interact with each other, but it has those thriller elements. There’s a mystery that you don’t know what’s going on.

This book is set in Australia. It tells the story of Kieran Elliott, who has come back to his small beachside town to visit his parents.

His father has Alzheimer’s, and his mother needs to move to a place where someone can care for him. Kieran and his partner mia and their brand new baby Audrey come back to town to help them move all of their possessions.

Kieran gets sucked back into this small-town life as things start coming out about the past and him growing up when this town was part of two significant tragedies.

Kiran made a terrible mistake when he was young, it affected the whole town, and there’s a lot of buried feelings, hurt feelings, anger, and him coming back into town just kind of pulls that out of a lot of people.

Kieran has struggled with guilt his whole life. So, being back in town; makes it worse it brings up many feelings for him; he starts getting involved back into all of these secrets and whispers that go on behind people’s back, and he kind of gets sucked back into it. One day a body is discovered on the beach, bringing out all of these secrets. It brings back many old hurts from when kirtan was younger, and all sorts of secrets start rising to the surface.

I liked the atmosphere of this book, and it was at this beachside town, where there was a sunken ship that has a treasure in it. People were sailing, there were dangerous caves, there were lots of unanswered questions, the atmosphere was exciting and intriguing, and you wanted to figure out what was going on. As things get revealed to you more and more, you realize that there are many secrets beneath the surface of this town, and the people have kept them for years.

It’s just a stunningly beautiful, written book. Jane Harper knows how to bring things to life. I really enjoy her writing, and she does these quiet thrillers so well. she has a great mystery story that’s hard to, you know, guess the end. In this one, I thought it was everybody but who it was, and I was like, what I didn’t even think this one person I hope that doesn’t give too much away, but I don’t think so.

But I just really enjoyed reading it. It was such a great little escape to get away and go to this Australian coastal town and find out how all these people worked. I liked all the people in Kieran’s life, many of his friends from when he was younger, finding out about them.

I enjoyed it, and her descriptions are always, so I’m excited, and she brings her characters to life like I feel like I knew a lot of these characters. I think that’s a natural gift that authors can have.

So once again, I highly recommend this it’s jane harper’s newest, the survivors.


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