The Maid Unspeakable Thingsens by Alex Michaelides – Review

I feel like everyone is very familiar with the science island patient.

It was prevalent here on Goodreads like it won many awards, and it was very well warranted.

I loved the science patient. I was excited to see what he would be doing in this novel. This one follows a girl named Mariana, a group therapist. One day she ends up getting this phone call from her niece saying that there’s been a murder and thinks it’s her best friend. So when she goes to the school, she is convinced that one of the professors is the one that is responsible for the murders, but she can’t prove it—that kind of goes off from there.

There is an intermixing of the sort of evil person’s diary entries to get the dual perspectives. But they’re more diary entries from someone who is quite disturbed. And then he integrates some greek mythology and greek tragedies in here as well.

So basically, the premise of this is like I was thinking nobody no crime by Taylor swift, like basically like I think he did it, but I can’t prove it. That’s this one. So if you like are familiar with this author, he’s known for having such massive plot twists in here, so I was excited to dive into this. But I think that this one I enjoyed a lot better than the silent patient. And because I knew there was going to be a big twist at the end. I was like, okay, who I think is responsible for the murder and trying to go off from there? I could guess early on who I thought was the killer. And I was right, but the reason for it I did not guess at all.

This one I said I liked a little bit better than the silent patient. I felt like it because asylum patient is very much focused on two narratives that you don’t get to see a lot more of the outside world here. This one has a more extensive cast of characters, and it takes place at Cambridge. You can see different. You get like the university feels it has a dark academia feel. There’s a broader range of characters that Mariana interacts with it. I liked it. As I said, because this is written like the chapters are so short, they’re just like a couple of pages long like this is one of the characters longer ones. But usually, they’re like a page or two sometimes. So it makes it easy to read through.

I finished this in a day like I couldn’t put it down because I was like, I need to know if I’m right, like did I guess who the killer is. And I like this book. It keeps you on your toes is fast-paced, and it really can suck you in if he has a great writing style that flows well and you get lost in kind of the waves of his writing, which I enjoyed. And although he does integrate some greek mythology and greek tragedies in here. He does an excellent job clarifying it and doesn’t feel like this information overloads you. he does a fantastic job at doing that.

I think he does have like studies. Or like he has some education in this. he was good at making it like for people who don’t have that background, integrating it into the storyline but not in a way that is deterring for the reader. Still, I’ve read the initial reviews for this on Goodreads, and they seem to be kind of all over the place. Some people like it, some people are in the middle of the road, some people hated it. But I liked it. I thought the plot twist at the end, although I felt like the ending was a little bit rushed. I did find the plot ending to be a little bit underdeveloped, like the plot twist at the end. Even though I did guess who the killer was, I didn’t get their motives behind it. So that was my one complaint in here is that I did feel like the ending was a bit rushed that but overall like I said as I enjoyed it. This book, I thought, was well done, and I like how he also kind of adds some characters in here that we knew from the asylum patients. so it takes place in the same world, which I thought was interesting. I like how he integrated the two different stories in here to take place in the same universe.

But yeah, if you’re looking for a good thriller with dark academia feel and just something that genuinely grips when I read this in a day, and I’m a slow reader. Then I think this would be the perfect book for you. I think it’s just best going into this because it is different from the silent patient. I think it’s better just to kind of go in with no expectations for it. Because I feel like everyone’s expectations with the quiet patients were so high that I feel like nothing can live up to those expectations that we would create for this, I think it’s just to appreciate this book as its entity. And I think if you do that you will enjoy it.


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