The Lonely City by Olivia Laing – Review

I was attracted to this book because loneliness is a topic which I’m pretty interested in. it’s a find out kind of how people feel when they don’t have as much social contact as they would like. Or if they have sort of contacts, it’s not in a way that makes them feel fulfilled, so they don’t feel long anymore. Because obviously, you can feel lonely in the company as well. You don’t feel like you’re connecting with people. It’s just something that I was kind of interested in.

When I saw the book, I thought, ” Oh, maybe this is because it says adventures in the art of being alone, ” I thought. Maybe, it’s about, like looking out bits of kind of arts and her talking about it like longness as well and like talking about both those together. That sounds quite interesting.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with loveliness. Not in a kind of generic, generalized sense. It’s more to do with pieces of art and artists in particular and how they’re kind of maybe, explore an element of loneliness.

I try to think of some example artists so there’s kind of Warhol, Andy Warhol and there’s David Hopper, there’s a couple of other ones as well, it’s all kind of like modern arts.

It is pretty interesting if you’re interested in modern art because you can like Google the pictures. So, you don’t know what she’s talking about like you have to go and research it.

Because of her, I know about some bits of art.

I would say the artists generally are not stereotypically usual people. They’re very different you know artists are very kind of isolated from society and quite like, eccentric and quite other to general people. But, not the lowness that you think of that everybody else comes offers, it wasn’t relatable in any way at all, and she is talking about her own life as well. But she’s indulgent, and it’s not kind of like linked to he doesn’t sort of link together and follow I kind of thread where you get something out of the book. So, it was a bit like, what’s the point of reading it. I could have looked at these works of art and kind of, you know, signed that myself.

She’s not a great writer because she’s writing in a journalistic style. It’s kind of like an informal conversational way of writing, it’s not even good as a book, it’s kind of just like I wouldn’t recommend it to read unless you are interested in modern art, but it’s not about long with this, it’s just about the art.



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