The Last Flight by Julie Clark – Review

I read this about two months ago. I don’t frequently have to say anything about this because there’s not much to this book. It’s relatively short at 302 pages, and there’s honestly not a lot that happens within this book.

I did think the writing was fine, and I had no problems with the report at all. I did not find it exceptional, but I thought it was very brief. I thought it was very smooth, it flowed very well, and you do switch back and forth between the two main characters, Claire and Eva, who are two women who both pretty much hate their lives.

They hate their lives so much! that they serendipitously find themselves sitting next to each other in an airport, and they decide to abandon their previous lives completely, switch places with each other, change identities, and change plane tickets.

Let’s be honest. You know that you’re desperate when you are willing to change lives with someone who hates their lives and does anything to escape it.

Then the story becomes even crazier when one of those planes ends up the course.

When I started this book, I wouldn’t say I liked it. I wouldn’t say I liked the first few chapters of this book. I was very close to dia nothing it, for a few reasons. I felt like it was just incredible at the very beginning. The plot seemed too contrived where it was like, all of these different plot elements and like tropes, they were all thrown in the first few chapters. It just felt like the author was like, I don’t want you to be bored so, I’m going to throw the whole kitchen sink into these first few chapters. I wouldn’t say I liked that. Also, the writing style, especially the beginning, felt a little bit too contrived. Also, it felt like he was trying too hard, like it was over, flowery. I wouldn’t say I liked it from the beginning.

However, what I find I’ve purchased a hard copy of a book. It’s tough for me to DNF because whenever I see that book on a shelf or my table, it’s just looking at me. You know, like glaring, like why couldn’t you finish this book? You loser? I, I can’t handle that. So, I have to keep reading.

The good thing is that the more I read this book, I started to like it more. I found that this book did a great job of establishing a real sense of impending doom or danger. In every sense, it was a true thriller, the word you had, the ticking clock, and you had the villain or villains. Should I say it had all the elements of a good thriller?

That being said, I still only ended up about three stars on this book. First of all, because I wouldn’t say I liked the beginning, it took me a while to get into the story. Also, I felt that the book’s central concept was interesting, but the subplots add depth and dimension to the story. I thought that they were not that interesting. I felt that the subplots or just dull, in my opinion. I don’t know I end up with three stars for this book. But, of course, that’s just my opinion.


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