The Invitation by Vi Keeland – Review

I don’t know if this was the very first Vi Keeland book. I have ever read. I can’t remember. It was a book I did not expect to read. I bought this by accident. I was on my kindle, and I was like browsing through the kindle store, and it said like for you. I clicked on it. And I wanted to read the sample. And I accidentally clicked on buy. so then I had bought in the book, and I was like Daggett, now I have to read this. I hadn’t read the blurb, so I didn’t know if this was like this a good book or not. But I decided to read it. and I enjoyed it.

In this book, I forgot the main protagonist’s name. I couldn’t find it anymore, so we’re just going to, but it deals with this girl that lives in new york, and she’s like a perfume. She likes to develop the scents that are in bouquets. She works, I think, for this vast firm. She has this roommate because her big dream is to have her firm and develop a custom sense.

She has this roommate like the kind of, you know, get the money together to start her firm. And this roommate in the middle of the night with like I think four weeks rent just bolts she disappears like disappears.

I think four months later, and this girl gets this invitation to this beautiful wedding like this massive library in new york. It’s super fancy. It’s like apparently this huge thing, so she decides that her roommate, who left her, broke because she just took rent with her. she thinks this girl owes me. Like this girl owes me an expensive night out. She decides to get up real pretty and just kind of go as the girl because she thinks it will be a huge wedding, so no one likes going to notice me. She decides to do that, and she goes to this wedding. And so technically, she’s crashing this wedding, right. she goes there and is having a great time, and then she meets this guy named Hudson.

Hudson is like this entertaining, chill guy, and they immediately like to get along. She’s like really good at smelling stuff, so she’s they like have this bet that like she can smell the difference between two whiskeys. And can, and it’s as fun and is having the time of her life. Then the guy Hudson asks her for her name, and she says the name of the girl she’s going as, and as it must come, he knows that girl, and he knows she’s not her.

Then he busts her, but like in front of everybody. And this girl just literally thinks, like okay, I’m here already, so she steals champagne while like running out and just jumping in a taxi. Then she’s saying she’s like thinking like oh I got away like oh so good. She noticed that she forgot like her purse and her phone there.

She has to like reach out to the like happy couple and the guys she met at the wedding who’s the bride’s brother. just kind of, you know get our money back. That was funny like I like that part.

The characters didn’t have much depth. Like, I’m not like it was a fun and short read for me. I just flew through the book, but the characters were very dense. I felt like they didn’t have a lot of background. They didn’t work like he was adopted and then, as his parents did, die. But like it wasn’t, it was just a short and fun read, and I really enjoyed it, and then like the plot twist was, I saw the plot was coming from like eight miles away. But like it was still fun, and how Vi Keeland wrote it, I liked it. Because this girl was really into reading, I didn’t know this was a thing. She’s really into reading other people’s diaries. For example, if I would be writing a journal and sell it on eBay, she would probably buy it and read it. It’s so weird I didn’t know this was a thing. It’s also something I don’t think I would like. No people are reading. I don’t read a diary but not people reading a diary. Still, me reading like someone else’s dirty laundry. If you know what I mean, comment down below if that would be something you would do because it wouldn’t be something I would feel guilty about but, she likes doing that. Then she has this diary that she was invested in, and she loved the whole thing, and it was like this diary helped her find out stuff about her then-boyfriend.

She’s really into this diary. Somehow this diary plays into the whole story and how the journal played into the entire account was excellent, and I enjoyed it. I can’t tell you too much about that without literally telling you everything. But if you’re looking for a cool chill read in between, like really intense books or something of them, then I would highly recommend this book. I enjoyed it. I know a lot of people, like a lot of people in Goodreads, were like it.

But I give it. I think four out of five stars because I liked it. I thought it was enjoyable.


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