Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg – Review

This book is extraordinary. It’s the second one I’ve read by this author. The first book that he had was the power of habits. I believe it might be the second one he’s ever made, but these are just amazing. It’s called more intelligent, faster better. The author is Charles Duhigg.

A fantastic book. I’m interested in big data, in i.t, and just where we’re going was technology and in the future.

You’re probably like, is this wait a minute? Is this, you know, brighter, faster, better? You see, the power of habits is this kind of self-help books and somewhat more business. They’re business-related. But, there’s a massive trend for big data in them, so he uses a ton of data to back up what he’s doing. He is also talking to a lot of startups.

In this book of brighter, faster better, he follows around a four-year four-year journey for google, when they were trying to find what best teams function, right. What’s the best mix? Should we have all rock stars, should we have a diverse background should we have. you know, people with different levels of expertise like, how do we get groups to interact more and what makes the best team? Is it all rock stars, right? It’s kind of like, mythical person-month and some of the other things we’ve looked at in the industry, where it’s like let’s throw more resources at it, well we find out that doesn’t always work.

This book right here uncovers many things that interact with the team. a lot of it goes around to having groups where there is some tension. But, there’s also significant interaction. Everybody has a stake at the table. Everybody feels like they know, can talk. Everybody’s only on the team understands its importance.

I mean, it Probably Disney’s number one hit in the last five or ten years. The numbers on the firm are just insane.

Also, he talks about the complications they had, how they kept mixing the team up, and some of the things they did to succeed.

In the early days, they were kind of worried about the stories, Like rewrote the story a couple of different times or moved some people around the team and some of the small changes they made this fantastic.  I have no clue how many billions of dollars frozen has made so far for Disney, just with movies and products, but it’s just imposing. If you’re rich if you’re interested in how to build a better team, read this book twice. I’m serious. As you go along in your journey, for your career, at some point, you might jump into management, or you might be in some leadership part, said one point in my career, scrum master those are the types of things, and these are the type of resources you look for on how to build those teams.

Two remarkable stories that came out of it this idea of information blindness. If you think about it, This is instead where I told you we would get back to technical. But, when we think about information blindness, we see this all the time. That’s why we have machine learning. That’s why we do big data because, with massive amounts of data, we want to analyze that. We, as humans, can’t do it.

Charles talks about this concept of information blindness and the story that he compares it to is. You look at 401k options. How many people you know have 401k options? If you give them a list of 100 and you bring them to the form most of the people they found in the study, just put it on their desk. They never decided because there’s a hundred of them they’re like a man. I’ve got to take some time to do this, and I’ll do it later. Most of those people never opted into their 401k. But, when you only give them ten options, which is probably, why we all have ten options or 12 in our 401k options now. The success rate was a whole lot better for people opting in the right, just by shortening it down, shortening it down.

It’s an excellent way to think, about it I mean. I’ll be using the term information blindness and some of the talks that I have, coming up. Just because it makes so much sense, it makes sense from machine learning. It is why we have to filter through, and this is why it’s easier for machines to do it, not just because they can do it faster. But, because they’re not like us, don’t get become a deer in a headlight.

Then there was another cognitive function, where they were talking about it. There was a story about a plane that crashed, and it was crazy because the report talks about pilots and the machine. The automation was going out, and the pilots had this thing called spotlighting they were doing. When you’re down a lot of stress and looking to do something you focus on, just one little task, you’re not looking at everything. What better reason not to have machine learning and talk about ai and deep understanding of some of the things we’re working on now. It’s something were from a human perspective. You don’t kind of step back.

I think some of the stuff with the Toyota, clutch getting stuck. Some other stories you’ve heard in the past talk about being able to spotlight but, what they were talking about was the pilots, were fixated on pulling back, they weren’t trusting, their meters weren’t trusting any of the telemetry data they had. They just kept pulling back on the stick. Even though they were going way too high. It was causing them to burn more fuel, and then it was causing them to stall out too. The engines at some point can’t function up, too high and all the information was in front of them. Still, everybody they were fixated on this one issue, it ended up causing the plane to crash

some stories like that I hate to hate to end, on a sad note like that, but there are many excellent stories in there too. Not all of them are so sad. Make sure you check the book out. It’s positive for you. If you’re trying to aspect out how to deal with it, just finding motivation and cool little tricks to kind of get you keep you motivated. Then also, especially if you’re trying to build out a team or if in the future you think you will, go ahead and read the book now buy the book.

Make sure you have it on your shelf because you’re going to need it.


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