One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston – Review

I just finished reading one last stop by Casey McQuiston. I spent last night. I don’t know why I suggest it’s like the next afternoon now. But I’ve still been thinking about this. I still want to talk about it.

It was one of my most predictable books of the year. I liked red, white, and royal blue, also by Casey McQuiston.

That one was about the first son of America and the prince of England having a scandalous affair. It was so cute and so charming and just like made your heart melt, and feel-good fluff and heartfelt read this one was the perfect follow-up. I think that Casey’s done it again. They’ve written such a charming, cute story. This one feels well it’s rooted in sci-fi fantasy-ish elements. But, it feels even more realistic.

The characters feel more accurate in one last stop than in red, white, and royal blue. And I think part of that is in red, white, and royal blue we have preconceived notions already of like what a first son is and like what a prince is, where we don’t have that kind of preconceived notions for the characters in this book.

This book is about august, who is 23 or 24 years old and is moving to new york. While she’s on the train, one day, she meets jane. We quickly learned that jane can’t leave the train and has been on this train since the 1970s. Then they fall in love, and I loved their romance. It was so cute. Jane is so cool august is so sweet. This book just overall was just so gay and so cute and so fun. I just loved it so much. a lot of the book takes place in a like breakfast diner. It’s like that kind of vibe very like found family all of these queer characters living in an apartment together. There’s a drag queen, and there’s a trans psychic guy like all of the characters are just perfect.

They’re perfect together, and they’re still like such a great heart to this story. A lot of it is about august and her mother and their kind of tense relationship. August has been working almost like a pi looking for her mother’s long-lost brother. there’s an actual crime element to the story for fans of true crime and mystery. Then there’s some light sci-fi-ish of like what’s going on with jane, why can’t she leave the train, how can we get her off the train.

But for the most part, this is a story about these characters and how they interact—just having fun and being young in the city—getting up to high jinks. It was so sweet watching august grow through the story. She has three boxes of belongings when she moves into the first apartment she finds.

You can see her making these new connections with the characters. And kind of you her backstory is she’s very independent. She only has her mom in her life. Not any friends. But as she makes these connections with people, she starts to get more keepsakes and build up her possessions. It’s so beautiful how we watch this character grow. And it’s all because of these like-found family Queers in the city having a good time together story. I believe that’s what makes this book so perfect book for pride month. Because yes, it’s a steamy romance, very hot, very scandalous. There are some sex scenes on the subway, which is gross.

But whatever because this book is just so pure, it’s like a love letter to Queer young people, and I think that’s so good. It is like the perfect book. I loved it so much. So please pick it up one last stop. It just came out this week highly recommend it.

Thanks, Casey McQuiston, for this great book can’t wait to see what you come out with next.


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