One Day in December by Josie Silver – Review

I Loved it.

It takes place in the UK after this woman gets on a bus, and she spots a stranger sitting at the bus stop. They lock eyes and are instantly attracted, and she is like waiting for him to get on the bus. They have this rush of emotions, and then the bus pulls away, she does not see him again.

She spends a year of her life frantically searching for a busser in bars when she is out shopping in all these different places, and she does not seem to come across him again. Until one day, her roommate brings home her new boyfriend.

I think what fasten the deal was the audiobook and the fantastic—narrators. They did such an incredible job with their acting.

If you listen to many audiobooks, you know, sometimes they kind of blandly read the words that would generally be the text, and then maybe they will act out the dialogue. However, everything was just well-acted for these two actors, and thought out the whole thing was just such an incredible performance. There were two perspectives, so you get the girl’s perspective on the bus, her name was Laurie, and then the boy that she saw and his name is Jack.

The whole thing just carried so much emotion you could hear every breath and every sigh and every smile or chuckle.

The writing itself was easy to read, but it also had its poetic moments. I enjoyed how certain things were described, and our other suggestion is that because this takes place in the UK, I noticed that the audiobook had UK slang. Whereas the ebook that I was reading kind of Americanized it, I felt like that did a disservice to the story and the humor. It Is just another reason to maybe listen to the audiobook. If you are going to pick up the text version, maybe order the UK Edition. I do not know how that would work with ebooks, I do not know if there is a way to get around that at all, but it was sad to see some of the changes they made because I feel like it made a difference in humor.

The story reminded us of much luck if you have ever seen that movie end of the book Love in the Time of Cholera mentioned in serendipity. I thought the characters were incredibly well done. They have their flaws, they make mistakes, and you are following them along on these ten years, and all these things are happening. So, you know there are new friendships, and the date new people, and there is loss, and people move away. There is just so much that happens. However, I think what I liked as generally in a story like that you would think the main characters like one or two people, which is the entire focus.

Here I felt like even the secondary characters were so well fleshed out that you end up caring about them, and it felt like there are more like four or five, maybe even six main characters.

I had been seeing the cover for one day in December in lots of different places. I loved it so much!

It was a rollercoaster of emotion, and again the characters had their flaws, so expect them to make mistakes and mess things up and be human.


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