Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid – Review

I have just been itching to post my review, and I thought that release day would be the perfect day to do it.

I gave this book a 5/5. which means that in my categories of writing plot execution, character set, and entertainment. I gave this book a perfect five out of five for a bit of background on my reading taste.

I’ve started daisy jones twice and didn’t finish it. And this month, I plan on finally getting through daisy jones even though music is not my thing.

Before I jump into the review, I thought that I would give you guys some of the content warnings for this book. This list is by no means comprehensive. However, if you do have a particular trigger, I recommend you check out.

We have alcoholism, the death of a parent, drug use, infidelity addiction, and emotional abuse. But, as per usual for Taylor Jenkins read, there is some rich content in this book.

So this book follows the story of one night in 1983. so that makes it unique because it’s just one night. The entire book is one night. And as per usual, for Taylor Jenkins, read it is historical fiction.

This book follows the story of the famous end-of-summer bash at the river’s house.

Firstly, I want to indicate that I may not be saying that the last name right. It’s r-i-v-a, and I think they are Latino, and I’m pretty sure that the I in Spanish is pronounced like an e, so I guess it’s Riva.

However, if that last name Reba does sound familiar. Mick Reba is one of Evelyn’s husbands in the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

As I was saying, this book follows the story of the end of summer bash at Riva’s house. And everyone wants in. there’s Nina Riva, who’s hosting the party, and she is this gorgeous supermodel surfer. And everyone wants to be there. Then we have jay and hud, who are like a duo. They’re brothers. Also the Rivas and one is a famous competitive surfer, and the other is a photographer who takes all the pictures of his brother. The final fourth sibling is kit, who is like the young baby, and you know. Just kind of there as the like baby child always is, I don’t know how to describe it. But the baby child is always just like there, and I know that’s not right, but they are.

And not only are these four siblings famous in their own right, but their father is the renowned mick, Riva. Who’s like an internationally legendary singer, and everyone is hyped for this party, and they’re ready to go. They’re going to get hammered. They’re going to have a great time.

But Nina’s not excited. Nina doesn’t like being in the spotlight. So she fell into modeling to kind of support her family, support herself. And she doesn’t want to be at this party. Plus, on top of all of that, Nina had been married to this famous tennis player. And it just came out in the news that he was cheating on her and loved her. So Nina is not feeling this like a colossal bash.

We know going into the story is that the party is going on, and everyone is excited about it. At midnight it’s going to be totally out of control. Then in the morning, it’ll have burnt down. That’s all we know, and we follow the story of how all these people got there. And what is going on at this party, or what are these people thinking? We do get some backstory which I personally really loved. There was some great backstory from their childhood and just what made them the way they are.

There’s also some great representation as far as LGBTQ. Plus, I haven’t heard any own voices reviews on that. But it’s in there, so definitely check that out if you are looking for its pride month.

But overall, I thought this book was just exquisite. I highly highly highly recommend this book. I think it’s going to be a favorite of so many people. I think it’s going to be in like the Goodreads awards. It’ll be of my top favorites of the year for sure. And I’m sure it’ll be on a lot of people’s as well. I highly highly highly recommend this book.


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