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Do you feel frustrated trying to use paid traffic
because it’s now “too expensive”?

“Follow This System And



When every sale brings you this much more money, driving traffic is no longer a problem for you.

Marketing & Growing Your Business Becomes Easy & Fun!

Why? Because, when every new customer sale gives you that much more revenue…

  •  You find driving a lot of website traffic straightforward and almost effortless… because you’re making back so much more from your advertising!
  •  You have your pick of all the best traffic sources for new buyers… cause you have the extra cash flow to pay for it!
  •  ​You no longer feel stressed about spending money on paid traffic… because you’re collecting double the revenue at each new buyer sale!
  •  ​You’re tapping into traffic sources your competition can’t… because your new customers spend far more with you than with your competitors!
  •  You’re seeing your customer list grow daily… because you can afford to pay premium prices to generate all those new customers!
  •  And most importantly… you’re seeing a heck of a lot more profit from every new customer transaction!

And not only that…

When you’re bringing-in so much more revenue from every new buyer sale…

You Never Worry About The Increasing Cost Of Paid Traffic…

Because every click, every visitor, every lead, and every buyer you’re getting is worth so much more to your business than what it costs you.

It’s a beautiful thing when you experience it firsthand.

And if you give me a few more minutes of your time, you’ll understand how it can happen for you after just one afternoon with me.

You Get A Heck Of A Lot More New Customers!

Again, the most successful online entrepreneurs know this…

They know the game of customer generation is won or lost by one thing: the average amount of money collected from new customer transactions.

So, the most successful entrepreneurs focus their marketing efforts around generating more and more money from every transaction.

But, the ordinary entrepreneurs and marketers don’t understand this…

They mistakenly think the game of customer generation is won or lost by sales conversion rate.

So the average entrepreneurs focus their marketing efforts on trying to convert more prospects into buyers.

Yet, they don’t realize…

No matter how high their conversion rate may get, without enough money coming-in from each new customer transaction… they can still be stuck with an unprofitable, unscalable campaign.

Why is this?

Simple. Because…

You Can NOT Deposit Sales Conversion Rate! 

Sales conversion rate doesn’t determine how much money gets deposited in your bank account when you generate a sale.

No. Sales conversion rate is just a performance metric; it’s just a number which shows how well your marketing/sales page is producing a sale.

Sales conversion rate doesn’t tell you whether you have a profitable, scalable campaign. Nor can it (alone) give you one; no matter how high your sales conversion rate goes.

You can have a sales conversion rate of 10% and still be losing money.

Yet, you can have a sales conversion rate of 1% and be profiting like crazy.


Because sales conversion rate isn’t what matters; the only thing that matters is how much money new customers spend with you compared to how much it costs you to generate those new customers.

And, while the cost of traffic is mostly out of your control and determined by supply and demand, increasing the money new buyers spend with you is fully within your control. 

This is why savvy entrepreneurs and marketers know… getting more and more sales, driving more and more traffic, and growing a monster list of more and more customers comes from…

Multiplying The Money New Buyers Spend With You! 

This is what’s called increasing Average Order Value or AOV.

And I want to show you not just how to increase AOV, but how to DOUBLE it!

And I’ll show you how to do it with a simple mathematical formula I call…

Is This Bundle Right For You?

Let’s start with this…

These Workshop Recordings are NOT for you:

  • If you don’t have at least one customer-generating campaign working right now….
  • ​If you only sell high-ticket products or services…
  • If you’re a new entrepreneur or marketer…
  • Or, if your business doesn’t have a healthy cash-flow…

If any of those describe you, this is NOT for you. And I would ask you to pass on this opportunity.

The 2X Your AOV Workshop is for entrepreneurs who have at least one working campaign — whether it’s new, old, struggling, tiring, or poised to be scaled — which offers a lower-ticket offer (i.e. $99 or less).

The 2X Your AOV Workshop is also for entrepreneurs who recognize the significant financial impact of bringing-in… 

200% More Revenue

From Every New Customer Transaction!

If that describes you, you’re qualified to get a full copy of these exclusive recordings.

In one afternoon, you’ll not only learn how to use the AOV Algorithm™ and ALL 21 AOV Boosters…

You’ll also discover the science behind the entire system, and understand how to apply it to any marketing campaign.

So, you’ll possess the ability to generate more money from every new buyer sale now… and… from all your future marketing campaigns going forward.

And, in just a handful of hours, you’ll be armed with 21 tested methods for increasing average transaction size and making more money from every new buyer sale.

You’ll walk away with money-makers like…

  •  The psychological VOYEURISM BUMP which takes less than 5 minutes to implement and can immediately add 50% more to your transaction size. You’ll be amazed at how fast this works for you!
  •  The REDEMPTION EMAIL we send after purchase which pumps sales by 15% or more in just two days. Just queue this bad boy up in your CRM, and watch it make you more money!
  •  The BURN A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET BOOSTER which turns your low-value buyers into high-profit customers in 5 days. Imagine your new customers worth almost as much as your loyal customers, in just days!
  • ​The PRODUCT WARNING UPSELL LANGUAGE… producing the highest upsell conversion rates I’ve ever seen! And it works without you changing anything else on your upsell page. Just copy, paste, and make more money. Seriously.
  • ​The BILLBOARD BOOSTER TECHNIQUE… with 3 simple images turns almost any thank you page into a day-one money-maker for you! Add this and you can immediately see 12% or more of your new customers make an additional purchase right away.
  • ​The CONSUMPTION SALES PUMP! Pop this into your new buyer experience, and on the day they become customers… at least 5% will buy an additional product from you on the spot.
  • The SPIED ON YOU BOOSTER which will can almost DOUBLE your upsell conversion rate. It does take about an hour to set-up, but it’s crazy how well this is working right now.
  • ​The 20-SECOND PRICE PIVOT which almost never fails to instantly increase average transaction size by 11% or more. So easy, you can deploy this on any order form while still in the room and be making more money within minutes.
  • ​…and much , MUCH MORE!

And that’s just a small taste of what you’ll get.

Fact is:

Just two or three of the 21 AOV Boosters alone can add serious money to every sale for you.

When used together with the AOV Algorithm™ which you’re going to learn… and you can easily see your AOV double, if not triple or more.

And, when that happens, your business can easily and quickly begin to take-off…

Because cash will no longer be an issue for you.

Nor will traffic costs.

Nor will growing your customer list.

Nor will being able to afford…

Growing Your Business Bigger And Bigger! 

And you get all of this just from the morning session of the Workshop.

The second half of our day together is where the real magic happens…

Because this is when I’ll take your campaign and… live, on the spot… apply the AOV Algorithm™ and the perfect mix of AOV Boosters for you.

In other words, you’ll get a rapid hot seat from me for any one of your campaigns…

I’ll bring-up the campaign on the screen, do an analysis of the five metrics, and tell you which of the 21 AOV Boosters to apply, where, when, and how.

And, by the time I’m done, I guarantee you’ll see how…

This Will Double Your Average Transaction Size

And, for whatever reason or no reason at all, if you’re not 100% convinced and confident of this at any point during the Workshop, just say the word and I’ll have my team refund you on the spot for every penny invested to be in attendance.

So, there’s zero financial risk for you. Just your time.

So think about it…

This is the closest thing to having me as your Director of Marketing doing all the hard work to bring you more money from every new buyer sale.

And you already know my reputation for making people a lot money, my ability to craft monster marketing campaigns, and my chops for applying the right marketing moves which bring-in serious bank.

So this is a rare opportunity for you to have me do the valuable work for you of multiplying the size of every new buyer transaction.

Only, you don’t have to fork over the $15,000.00 per-day-fee folks normally pay for my private time.


Consider how much the 2X Your AOV Workshop can be worth to you and your business within just 30 days alone.

Not too mention, over the next three months… six months… 12 months.

This one afternoon watching these recordings could easily add half a million to a million dollars to your business. If not more.


Because we’re talking about doubling what a new buyer spends with you. So you can then drive a heck of a lot more traffic. And get a heck of a lot more new buyers (who also spend double with you). And just let this machine grow your business bigger and bigger and bigger.

You see how this makes scaling your revenue so much easier, right?

Now, look…

If you want access, and if you meet the criteria I outlined above, you need to act now.

Because these recordings are NOT available anywhere else.

And this opportunity is only open until Sunday, August 15th.

That’s when the offer EXPIRES.

And when it does…

You Will NOT Have A Second-Chance To Get This System For Bringing In 200% More Money From Every New Buyer Sale!

I have no plans on doing this Workshop again anytime soon.

So, if you see the value in learning the AOV Algorithm™ and the 21 AOV Boosters, and having me show you how to bring-in 200% more revenue from every new buyer sale

If you want to drive a heck of a lot more traffic and be able to tap into the big, high-priced sources of new customers…

And if you want to grow your customer database at twice the speed…

…then you want to ACT NOW and get access to the 2X Your AOV Workshop Recording Bundle…

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