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“Referral Mastery”

Nothing Like It Exists!

Grow Your Business By Leaps and Bounds
No Cost / No Risk Whatsoever… Using Fresh New Powerful, Proven, and Highly Profitable Referral Strategies
Referrals are the most profitable, undervalued source of business growth you could have…
“Referral Mastery” refers to the science of commanding and controlling an unimaginable swath of powerhouse recommenders, endorsers, fans, champions, advocates AND business benefactors – both within as well as ‘far and widely’ outside your current business scope. (It’s also the title of my new, completely unique and expansive home study program.)
If your business doesn’t dominate whatever small or large market segment you sell to – perhaps your business needs a healthy dose of “Referral Mastery” to inject more growth hormones into all that you do!

I’m talking about creating a sense of gratitude and the reciprocal desire of an ever-expanding base of relationships:


ALL of whom want to constantly (and enthusiastically) refer people to you over-and-over again

When you establish dozens of different referral access vehicles, it’s the equivalent of attaining an almost unfair positioning advantage – that’s done with little to no costs incurred.

My “Referral Mastery” home study program will provide you with exact / precise / painstakingly-detailed instructions on how to implement, engineer, and sustain monster-successful referral generating systems.

PLUS, I’ll show you how to possibly double the profitability (and lifetime value) of every new client you generate from these methods.

I’ll share the psychology – as well as the cultural shifts – that both you and your team members need to implement in order – to own – your own multi- / omni-accessible referral-generating marketplace.
I’ll provide you with unbelievably-detailed instructions on how to adapt approximately 200+ all-new referral-generating strategies to apply to your precise, specific business situation.

I’ll walk you through exact:

Execution nuances
​Sourcing instructions
​Verbal scripts to follow
​Role playing…

Everything imaginable – and a lot of powerhouse implications and applications you can’t even imagine. Its EPIC, and totally incomparably original – BlockBuster Powerful – and totally doable by anyone – no matter the business or industry.  

 I promise none of your competitors have ever thought about applying most of these concepts!
 If you acquire this knowledge – you possess a monster-advantage over (potentially) every company you compete against.
 If you run ANY business — “Referral Mastery” can reduce marketing / selling costs by up to 90%. It can dramatically shorten the sales cycle. And – the faster you get that first purchase – the sooner you get the next, and the next… 
If you spend money on paid advertising, marketing, social media, trade shows or a sales force – and you don’t learn what I want to share about adding source-upon-source of referrals – shame, shame on you.
 Nothing I reveal to you in this course has been discussed anywhere else, by anybody else, anytime else I know of – Nothing!
We’re talking about dozens-upon-dozens of low-cost, No-Cost, high-performing, proprietary, blockbuster referral-generating strategies NOBODY else even knows about. Nobody!
We’re talking about me explaining the psychology of becoming a referral dominant preeminent business from a vantage point – and with such precision – that no one else could come close to your referral power – IF you do what I have laid out in this course!
We’re talking about me explaining a methodology guaranteed to bring you bigger buyers, better buyers, more profitable buyers, no-cost buyers, more consistent buyers, more loyal buyers, more referring buyers – each-and-every month – from NOW on.

Sooo… what am I offering? To start with:

FIRST SESSION, I dive into the psychology / mindset / communication and cultural shifts in thinking, focus and action that will transform you and your team into a masterful, referral-generating based enterprise.

SESSIONS TWO and THREE, you will receive access to six (6!) solid, non-stop hours of totally newfound, unshared strategies, complete with tactical approaches, examples, situational scenarios, role playing, and deep consequential discussion. 

We’re talking 200+ referral generating fresh new ideas and approaches that just one attendee alone gained, ideas that FEW (IF ANY!) OF YOUR COMPETITORS would think of doing.

Then, in SESSION FOUR, I put it all together and show you exactly / precisely – how to choose which application models to run with first and second (layering them criss-cross like the cross-woven Kevlar sheeting in bulletproof vests). 

It puts my original “93 Referral Systems” to shame. It makes everything else I’ve seen out there seem absolutely milque-toast by comparison.

 It’s THAT profound!

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