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What do you do?”

In the year 2000, answering “I work online” was sure to be met with a look somewhere between disbelief and suspicion.

2 decades later, not much had changed.

Nobody Took Online Work Seriously…

Until a global shutdown forced it into the mainstream.

Only it’s NOT new…

For decades, millions of regular employees have been quietly saying goodbye to their 9-to-5 jobs and everything that comes with ‘em…

Like Mike from accounting – who disappeared without a trace and whose name has never been spoken in the office since?

His new alarm clock is the sound of waves hitting the shoreline in front of his beachfront home in Fiji. Rumor is he hasn’t worn a suit in years.

Or Alison from HR – who went on maternity leave and didn’t come back?

She decided it was more important to show her kids the world than spend 8 hours a day holed up in a cubicle.

So she traded her 90-minute commute for a passport full of stamps and a camera full of memories from all around the globe.

Of course, there are downsides. Like eating airline food once or twice a month. Yuck.

But not everyone chooses to travel…

Many of these freelancers find themselves working harder than they ever have – because they (finally) love what they do every day.

And others “hustle” from about 10:30 in the morning ‘til noon — before hitting the gym, the slopes, or whatever new interest they feel like pursuing this month.

You see, there are as many ways to live the freelance life as there are people living it.

But one thing we all agree on…

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