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A Quick Overview of the Process

Develop Your Video Ad Strategy

We work with you to develop your video marketing strategy including a complete video production plan that appeals to your customer avatar. Then we help you craft a video outline designed to appeal to your ideal customer.

Producing Your Advertisement

We walk you through our proven process for creating a video advertisement. Our process for video ads follows a unique formula to create ads that are designed to convert

(Hook –> Educate –> Call to Action) 

Launch Your Targeted Video Ads

We set up your targeted video ads on YouTube to reach high quality customers. We focus our metrics on ROI and Conversions to ensure you get the best results possible. This is designed to get you new high quality leads & customers coming to youinstead of you chasing them.

Optimize & Manage Ad Campaigns

We will continue to run and optimize your ad campaigns to ensure they get the highest quality leads & best sales results possible. Additionally, we will work with you to increase your ROI and scale your ads effectively.

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