Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Who we are?
We are books and magazine lovers.
We read many books and still! We decide to add here our reviews about what we read.
Why Robinhood name?
We love so much this personage. And we’ve inspired our site name from his name. Nothing more.
Do you even read emails?
Yes, we do… Each and every email! We are always welcome!
In any language, you read the books and the magazines?
At this moment, we read 4 languages. (English, Spanish, French, Russian.) But on our site, we’ll post our reviews just in the English language.
What literature do you like most?
We love all kinds of literature. From each one, we learn new things.
What type of magazines we'll find his reviews on this site?
Almost you’ll find all of the types. For example (Computer & Electronics Magazines, Entertainment & TV Magazines, Business & Finance Magazines, Craft & Hobbies Magazines, Fashion & Style Magazines, and so much more…)