Elevation by Stephen King – Review

The cover says it’s a novel. It’s more of a novella. It’s only 146 pages. But, this is set in King’s fictional town of Castle Rock.

It follows the story of Scott. Throughout the story is a flick TEDWomen or a phenomenon we’re not sure about it. The book never really delves too deep into it. It is one of the detriments to the book, I think. But, Scott is losing physical weight without losing mass to his body. It’s almost as if gravity isn’t pulling down on him as much. But he’s not losing any physical mass to his body, and he’s just losing weight. It deals with a fat, and then Scott has new neighbors who moved into town. It’s Dee Dee and Missy. They’re a lesbian married couple, and being in a small village up in the north, they’re shunned and discriminated against in opposition. They have a fine restaurant, a fine dining restaurant that people ignore and not eat. The couple is trying to keep that up. Still, it seems like they’re going to lose their business and stuff because people are against their lifestyle, or they sort of have a feud going with Scott, their neighbor, because their dogs come and crap on his lawn. And that pisses him off.

They don’t get off on a great foot, but they sort of become aligned with each other throughout the story form an alliance of sorts despite their differences. There’s like a 12 K race, he helps one of them out during the race, and some kind of become friends and can deal with Scott, and his affliction I guess she just caught, it about the end of the book, sort.

It is only a two-star read for me, and it was it wasn’t great I felt like it was too short for its sound. As I said, it never really delves; very deep into the issue that Scott has. as far as he sorts of accepts it, he goes to the doctor, they can’t find anything wrong with him. he just sorted it, gets what’s happening to him.

I would have liked more in-depth into that, what caused it. Whether it be supernatural or something like that, don’t delve too deep into it. I don’t always need answers in books to explain things. But, I would have liked more explanation in this one. I felt like it would have made the story better.

Stephen King always writes excellent characters about the flight the characters in this book. He was scratching the surface with them. We don’t get too in-depth with these characters, I don’t think, compared to many of his other stories. And again, I think that’s, due to how short this actually, is he would have expanded this out to maybe 250 – 300 pages and give us more backstory and depth about the characters themselves and Scott’s light affliction that he’s going through.

I felt like it could have been a better story, at least maybe three stars. I’m another reason this book is physically small, and it’s not a very big book. It’s only 146 pages, the font is big, it’s got pretty big margins, and it’s a $20 book. I don’t think it’s worth $20. if this was in a collection, some other short stories or novellas might have been more worth it. But, just standing on; it is own, I don’t think it’s worth 20 bucks.

Those are my thoughts on it. As I said, it was I didn’t do too much for myself. Some of the characters were sourced surface-level, didn’t delve deep into, you know Scott’s way it was affliction wish I wish, and it would have gone more into that. Whether it was supernatural, who knows what it might have been. But, this is just two Star read for me.



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