And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie – Review

Essentially the book follows ten different characters. They’re all invited to this mysterious island known as soldier island by someone that they either know or that they’re going to be working for or whatever it is. They’re all under different circumstances or by a letter because I mean this is the 1930s.

They all get there, and yes, you guessed it, one by one, they keep dying in very mysterious ways. Is it murder, is it an accident, is it suicide. I liked this book mainly because the reader is privy to each different perspective, so ten different perspectives, so you’re left thinking okay.

One of these ten people cannot be a murderer because we’ve seen their perspective where we’re hearing them, we know that they’re confused as to why they’re invited to this island, but that is the magic of Agatha christie.

I’ve watched the movie the murder on the orient express knives out murder mystery with adam Sandler, so I just kind of thought it would be a murder mystery, and you’re following the clues trying to figure out who the killer is? What’s the big twist here? And I honestly didn’t expect to be scared at all.

When I started reading it, I was sitting out in the land room, by myself, late at night, you know, one or two lights on, and I’m not above admitting that I was genuinely scared. I thought it would just be like a murder mystery, like a cute little 1930s era kind of little meta mystery. Like a little man of history game, and I was wrong, and I’m happy that I was wrong. Because this has made me want to read more Agatha Christie, so I’m pleased that I bought more books. I was honestly utterly naive throughout the whole thing. I was like, okay, well.

When I read the book, I said this is the murderer, and this is a murder weapon, you know, like it’s plutoed. I was so dead set in my thinking, and I believed like okay. This is the murderer. This is why this person is doing this entire thing, maybe this person has an accomplice, and this accomplice is this person who turns out to be. This person, like I was thinking about it. It got towards the end, and I was thinking, you know what? If it isn’t this person, I’m going to be so disappointed because I have made it up in my mind that this is the person, and this is the reason why they’ve done it. I’m pretty proud of myself because I think that’s a pretty good reason.

I was wrong. I mean, how naive am I to think that I could solve an Agatha christie murder mystery on my first read.

I doubt I’m ever going to crack any of her mysteries, I’m going to give it a red hot go, but I doubt I’m ever going to break them.  And how silly of me to think that I had cracked this one of her most famous in the start she has an author’s note.

So, I had read that this was the most challenging book she had ever written, and apparently, it’s also one of her best.

I mean, I started on a strong one, and I was happy with it! I’m so excited to read more Agatha christie. You are left guessing throughout the entire thing, which the murderer is. The different ways that she murdered her characters, I think, were perfect. I don’t want to give away too much, but I liked some of the murders because they relied on the human psyche, which is very interesting and like!



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