About us

We are books and magazines lovers.

We read many books and still! We decide to add here our reviews about what we read.

We choose Robinhood’s name for our site because we love so much this personage. We thought outside the box to get an original name And we’ve inspired our site name from his name.

We thought to post our review from what we read and what we’ll read in the future to help you to get an idea of it.

We read 4 languages. (English, Spanish, French, Russian.) and We love all kinds of literature. From each one, we learn new things.

Everyone In the group likes a type of magazine. For example (Computer & Electronics Magazines, Entertainment & TV Magazines, Business & Finance Magazines, Craft & Hobbies Magazines, Fashion & Style Magazines, and so much more…)

Right now, we’ll post our reviews just in the English language.