A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas – Review

It is like a novella, like 210 pages with like seven-thirty extra pages at the back to let you know what will happen in the continuation of this series.

I wouldn’t call this the fourth book in this series. No, it’s just kind of an in-between book. Please get familiar with this series. We have a court of thorns and roses, a quarter mist and fury, and then a court of wings and ruin.

The original trilogy but with the success of it, because a ton of people and glue me, love this series Sarah J Maas decided to do a spin-off series or a continuation of the series, I don’t know what exactly to call it that’s going to follow some of the characters from the series. Make any sense of a court of wings, a court, a thorn to Rose’s father Sarah, her journey and love interest, and things like that.

In the continuation of the series, we will follow a different protagonist and a couple of different ones that, for that matter, so this is kind of like the official wrapping up fair at Murray sans story.

I like her court of thorns and roses series. I love it. I feel like I connect both the characters. It’s easier to follow; I love the romance much more in this one, but I still love throne of glass as well, but I enjoyed this series.

There’s no real depth to this book. There’s no actual plot, it soul follows the whole event of the winter solstice and just catching up with characters, and it’s a book to pave the way for the next part of this series or spin-off series.

What is it? I mean, she says in the back, so I know right the series will continue. It’s still going on, so it will be a good four or five six whatever. It’s a continuation, but you didn’t get a continuation to like the last twenty pages of it.

The beginning of this book is just catching up for all characters, and that’s the basic plot. Overall as a rating, I would give this like three and a half four out of five. I don’t think it was necessary. Maybe if you haven’t read it, don’t watch me further. I’m not going to spoil anything good snap and but either right so that you know. I will be talking about the characters in case you write in the other books. It is going to be a short read because there’s not a lot to talk about it.

As far as the next part of the series, if you don’t want to know, don’t watch it any further, who it’s going to be about, but in case you do, watch further. It’s going to be Cassie Anna Nesta. I think 90% of us saw that coming. I want it to happen, I’m happy that it’s happening, and I’m still so glad that it’s happening, but I’m conflicted about Nesta.

Nesta is a very complex character, and there are times when I read her that I’m invested in her character, and you know I’m you do interested, and you know I see her dilemmas and I care about her, and I’ve had a reader that I don’t like her.

Casta is a character that I think is meant to be complex, that’s made to you don’t have definite feelings which way or the other about her you know there’s sometimes you love her sometimes you can’t stand her, and I am exactly in that boat.

Andi, that’s the way she’s meant to be because she’s got a lot of things going on even in the beginning of this whole series before the events of Nesta before the things happen in essence, she was still a tough character to read about it.

I did a whole new series about her makes me happy to learn more about her and makes me be like, oh boy, this girl is tough to read about it.

Kirsten and watching her progression and whether or not she and Cassian will get together, and you know, why not she could grow and mature and not be kind of a jerk anymore? I mean, I get she’s had a lot going on. I understand that she responds sometimes is she’s very closed off. She’s fighting a lot of her agony, and she’s taking on other people, and I’m hoping to see a lot of growth from her from that to finally, you know, grow up for that love and accept people and that kind of stuff.

Very excited to read about Cassie, and I love Cassie, and I’m a sucker for I’m hoping we get a lot of Lucian as well. A series kind of just about him, because when we read Cora’s wings of Rome, we learned a lot about his backstory and many things that he doesn’t know quite yet about his own life and history.

I am very thrilled to see the continuation of the series. I’m going to continue to read it.

Again I said do I think this book is necessary? No, there’s no what happens. I mean, that’s pretty much just catching with characters, very lovely and floating with each other and shopping. And everybody’s shopping for each other for winter solstice, and that is the general plot of this whole book; nothing goes on. It’s just kind of a filler book. I don’t think it was necessary to read it like in a day because that’s like two mana fits of rage.

I think that will be the extent of my review because there’s nothing else to write about it. If you haven’t read this series, I will check it out. I’m sure you’ve heard everyone shout from the mountaintops how much they love quart of mist in a fury. The second book, myself, included the best book of a series. But, I still really enjoyed this series of time, and I’m excited to see it progress and just happy to see Nesta grow more and be more and fall in love with her and read about her complexities very interested in that.


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